Cleanliness is from faith – so let us also keep our streets and neighbourhoods clean!

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Neighbourhood Clean-up


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Cleanliness is half of faith” (Muslim)

With that in mind, the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) are launching a new campaign to bring communities together to keep our streets and neighbourhoods clean!

This campaign is designed to empower and motivate local Muslim communities to work together with others in their area to clean up their neighbourhoods!

This saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) shows that Islam provides us with a strict code of conduct when it comes to maintaining our cleanliness and purification, both physically and spiritually.

In other words, Muslims should take care of their personal hygiene by ensuring that they are well groomed as well as their surroundings!

It’s time to act!




  • You can work independently or with local neighbourhood watch/community centres. It may be worthwhile contacting your local council and informing them if they have equipment or can provide a litter run once you have finished.
  • Decide on the area that you will clean, whether it is certain streets, parks, graveyards etc.
  • Contact the One Community department to order your leaflets and toolkit.
  • Finalise what day and time the team will come together to carry out the clean-up.
  • Utilise your Social Media links to invite local Muslims to come and take part, even if it is just to help sponsor or fund the project. This includes marketing the activity via posters in masjids and shops or leaflet distribution after jumm’ah (See Neighbourhood Clean-up – Poster and Flyer)
  • Purchase necessary items or encourage others to donate items to you (see Items list).
  • Reach out to the media with a Press Release and approach local journalists (see Neighbourhood Clean-up Press Release Template for guidance).
  • Make sure you are ready to get the right kind of footage throughout the activity (see Media and Footage guidance)



  • Meet at the designated meeting point. The Team Leader should deliver a brief of what the activity consists of.
  • Work in pairs. You can/should engage with passersby and inform them of the reasons why you are doing this project (give them a Neighbourhood Clean-up leaflet).
  • Prior to cleaning anyone’s driveway or path, knock on their door and explain what you are doing. (Give them a Neighbourhood clean-up leaflet)
  • Request video feedback from residents or a picture.
  • Get formal feedback interviews with neighbours, team volunteers and with organiser (see Media and Footage guidance for full details)



  • Once you have completed the activity, assemble the team together and get a brief feedback from them all.
  • Footage is pivotal because through it, we can motivate Muslims across the UK (and potentially the world!) to do the same activity.
  • Upload videos and pictures onto social media using hashtags #NeighbourhoodCleanUp #IslamicCleanliness, or email our media department ( We will give you access to our Dropbox to upload the footage and we will also edit the video for you.

Items required to complete this campaign

  • Litter pickers
  • Garden gloves (thick gloves)
  • Black bin bags


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